A one to one tour with Stephen out on location is an ideal opportunity if you would like to explore some of the most popular locations across Scotland.

Your individually tailored tour will cover the key locations you would like to capture, with the added knowledge from Stephen as to some of the best advantage points to photograph from.

Although this is a tour and not workshop, Stephen will provide a degree of assistance to enhance your photography skill, covering the following aspects:

  • The exposure triangle

  • Shutter speed (or to freeze or blur movement)

  • Aperture (depth of field techniques)

  • ISO (when to use it and the advantages / disadvantages)

  • Composition (the key elements)

  • Histograms (how this tool can assist)

  • Shooting in RAW (the advantages)

  • White balance

  • Getting it right in the camera (less reliance on editing / processing)

Please contact us for further information about our tours. A deposit will be required to confirm booking.



Glencoe Tour -

£220 (1 full day)

Capture the renowned landscape of the Scottish Highlands.

(Dates are subject to availability)


The Trossach’s National Park Tour -

£180 (1/2 day)

Capture the lochs around the park

(Dates subject to availability)


The East Coast Tour -

£85 (4hrs)

Capture seascape scenes at iconic locations.


Edinburgh City Tour -

£65 (3hrs)

Capture the city as the night sky falls.

(Dates are subject to availability)


The Forth Bridges Tour -

£65 (3hrs)

Capture the world heritage location of the Forth Bridges and the Queensferry Crossing

(Dates are subject to availability)

Equipment to bring

Although any form of camera would suffice (i.e. phone, compact or bridge) we would recommend a DSLR to take full advantage of the tour. Additional equipment like a tripod and graduated filter would further enhance your experience and your photography.

We would also suggest suitable footwear for walking in and warm clothing, as some of the locations are rather exposed.